Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina

This resort is a well maintained, clean RV resort. It is a park, make no mistake, meaning – when it is at full capacity it is one RV after another. Most privately owned campgrounds are like that and I found this to be the nicer of the private campgrounds (affordable) in the Keys. You could reserve at Bluewater Key for $200 roughly a night and get an outdoor kitchen and concrete pad, but that’s not what we needed and money is better spent elsewhere.

There is a Marina. You can bring your own boat, rent a boat and go on boat tours. You can fish, kayak, bike and rent it all. There are huts with tables located in some spots if you wanted to sit there and look out over the water, or eat there, or work there if you want.

There is a well maintained pool with grass huts and chairs as well – they may serve ice cream and snack items at this point but i am not sure.

They have a beach area with soft white sand and comfortable beach chairs. Your dogs are allowed at the resort and they and you are allowed to swim anywhere with the exception of the Marina. There is a sunset viewing dock where a ladder is provided if you want to swim there as well.

The waterfront spots are beautiful and spacious! I was envious as I was walking on the beach and someone with a toy hauler porch was drinking her coffee looking at the beautiful water. This is a waterfront site.

This Resort is an Encore premium resort. I can address Thousand Trails in another post. Basically it is a membership that allowed me to book this resort for $20/night. Not too bad right? Certainly not for this particular resort. I could have stayed up to 14 nights here. The membership dictates you spend 7 nights out after 14 days and then you can jump back in to the system for another 2 weeks. I will cover this membership in another category of posts…the good, the bad and the ugly, and there is ugly!

This resort obviously sustained damage from Hurricane Irma. They are still working, in fact the registration office has temporarily been moved to the Marina office. This could be a good reason why it is well maintained and new…because it is new! Anyway a pleasant experience and we will return!