Holy Golf Cart Heaven!

Golf cart dealer at “The Villages”

On our way from the Florida Keys to the “Emerald Coast” of the panhandle, we decided a good halfway point to stay would be a park right outside of “The Villages”. We ended up with two nights at the Recreation Plantation.

The Villages is one massive planned community of different villages with recreation areas, shopping, restaurants and golf…lots of GOLF courses. There are recreation paths that run parallel to the roadways and under the roadways to cross safely. Tennis, biking…you name it! You never have to leave. I can’t imagine that but some would love it!

It seems the way to get around is on a tricked out golf cart and there are tons on these paths and in parking lots. We found a dealer in one of the shopping areas there. I’ve never seen such cool golf carts! It made me want to buy one…there was a silver one that matched the Airstream. We just can’t tow it without taking up truck bed space so that’s an easy out. I’d see a couple of decked out ones at Fort Wilderness but here, no one NO ONE drives just a regular golf cart. I suppose it’s some kind of status symbol among the crowd .

Let me tell you people are zipping around on these things! They have odometers and speedometers on them. You should see these things at night!

I was fascinated, have a look. Just something random you run into on the road.

This one looks good with an Airstream
This one had sliding doors