Disney World at the Holidays

The lighted castle was spectacular as well as the show! It was cool to see how lights and projectors could transform this castle so many ways.

In all the years I have visited Disney, I have never seen it adorned with Christmas lights. I made the executive decision that we would stay on the east coast this fall (2019) and go back. I’m so happy I did!

Disney is different to me now. I want to say it was about 35 years since my last visit. Time flies 😳. It’s much more developed and a little overwhelming. I used to be an expert…no more!

It’s astounding to me how crowded it is. After paying the price of 12 nights at the Fort and two 10 day Park Hopper passes, I don’t know how families do it – but – they do! This time of year is very crowded. I originally thought Thanksgiving week until New Year’s would be crowded and that sneaking in just before (11/11 – 11/22) I would beat the crowds. 🤣🤣🤣. Newsflash….Disney is always crowded. When we checked in to Fort Wilderness Campground we were told the sites were booking out 500 days in advance. I made these reservations one year before we came!

Conveniently, they give you wristbands in your choice of color with your name engraved on the back. You have a credit card assigned to it which makes it easy for purchases and also used along with your finger scan to access the parks. Just about everything you do that requires additional money on the property allows you to use your band. We downloaded the Disney app to keep track. We also used it for fast passes we ended up ordering and setting up dining reservations. The app also gave you the current bus times which was convenient!

What’s with the “Fast Passes”? As I mention in an earlier post I like to wing it. I did not order fast passes which proved to be a mistake….or maybe part of the learning process. When you order Fast Passes you pick a time to attend a popular ride. I could see myself running from one end of the park to the other trying to meet times and I’m not into it. For example, in Animal Kingdom – Pandora – is the Avatar flight ride apparently very popular. When we were there, it was a 3 1/2 hour wait. No, no, no. The next time we go I will make sure to order a pass for it.

Eating? Advisable to make reservations. Even if you are picking up something fast in the parks they allow you to Mobil order and pick up. That’s too much planning for me! What I like about bringing your grill and camper is you can just eat at home!

Disney Springs used to be called Pleasure Island the last time I went…wow has this grown! I was lost there, I didn’t even find House of Blues. It’s there but the place looks completely different.

Personally speaking for the both of us, we could just go to Fort Wilderness and enjoy camping there. We could take in entertainment at the resorts and Disney Springs and not even go to the parks. Even this time going to the parks for us was more about entertainment. When I was younger I loved rides like Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, Small World, Pirates, President’s, etc. This time around they did not fascinate me like they used to and maybe because technology has come a long way since 35 years ago. Spaceship Earth at Epcot seemed tired.

Vintage camper food truck at the Fort where they have campfires and movies every night.

Like I said it was more about entertainment and environment, like the show at the castle, or the river show at Animal Kingdom, the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, etc.

Rivers of Light show at Animal Kingdom

Disney knows how to do entertainment!

I had a great time exploring all the decorations by bike traveling to all of the loops. We also walked dogs and of course had to pose them with Minnie and Mickey and Chip ‘n Dale 🤣

Do these traveling dogs have it made or what?

You will never run out of things to do in Disney! You can relax, or you can run like a 🐓 all day!

A bakery at Disney Springs…couldn’t resist.