From 30’ Classic to 33’ Classic.

Our 33’ Classic.

Kinda crazy but we had our Classic 30’ for a year when we made the leap to the 33’.

The main reason we were looking at the 33’ was the floor plan or layout. The separation of the sleeping quarters and the bathroom. I sometimes take call on my hospital assignments. I recently did in fact and was able to get up and get ready in the middle of the night without really disturbing anyone. It was awesome! Also, the bathroom is legitimate. If you are going to travel full time in these things it’s good to have a legitimate bathroom. If you are tall and you have a split bath as most of the Airstream models do above 23’… then you might have to tilt your neck for a shower 🤣. That’s okay for shorter camping trips, but we are in it full time.

This also comes with a great 60” HD projection screen with Bose surround. The screen retracts into the overhead lockers and it becomes a nice desk area with hanging file storage.

This is a 2019 model. Our 30’ was a 2016. We had manual switches for lights in the 2016 but now everything is controlled on a touch screen, in fact, with the Airstream app we are able to control things from our phones…anywhere – which is awesome. Ever panic leaving your awning out accidentally? Close it from your phone app. Sometimes, you gotta love technology.

We have one more additional factory installed solar panel on this rig vs. our previous one. This will be helpful when we dry camp at harvest host or hopefully at the next Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. It will keep our batteries charged without having to use a generator.

We traveled from Waynesboro Virginia to Columbus Ohio to purchase this rig just at the beginning of Corona Hell. I believe the Airstream dealer closed and started to work remotely after we came home with this. It made me think of naming it but I don’t want to associate it with a bad virus. I’ll think of something. I named the last one “Silver Dollar” and registered that with Airstream.

Pinky is social distancing.

It all worked out for the best. We actually traveled from Virginia to Boynton Beach Florida two weeks prior to buying this one. It was a 2018 Classic 33’ without warranty time left. We pulled an all nighter as I was working. Left Friday after work, slept for two hours at a rest area and got to Boynton at noon the next day (14 hours) only to find that the person neglected to tell us there was plenty of filliform corrosion (not visible in pictures). No doubt caused by the salty air of the Florida coast. We don’t believe they ever washed the outside. It was a shame it wasn’t cared for. But it worked out better for us anyway and Ohio was only a 7 hour drive so there is that.

Waiting out Corona Hell in a great spot in the Shenandoah Valley.

Can’t wait to take this one out for some new travel adventures, but we will be here for a little bit…I’m not complaining. You have to take time to just chill. I plan on catching up blog posts, reading, photographing this beautiful area, biking, hiking and hanging with pups who love it when the humans are home! On second thought…🤣