Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, 2018.

An unbelievable bucket list event! As you travel, you plan big destinations and then there are the things along the way. This was our first planned destination and along the way we stopped at Hershey, PA, made our way through Kansas for needed maintenance, side tripped to Nebraska, stayed at Colorado Springs and went to Garden of the Gods among other things, went to Angel Fire and Taos New Mexico and then on to Albuquerque.

I’ve never been one to go to Balloon events but I’d heard great things about this one. Had to book it as soon as the previous one ended! This event has left us wanting to return to the 50th anniversary…can’t wait.

There’s something about going outside of your rig with chairs and coffee with your neighbors to watch over 500 balloons ascending in the sky, some landing right beside your rig.

Basically, it is rally parking lot style parking. We reserved a box view so we had a great field behind us. Without going to the launch field we could watch them fly overhead, land in the field behind us and take off.

it’s advisable to book the entire event days. Some days are too windy and the balloons won’t launch. We went to the launch field about 3 times. We went for the mass ascension, morning glow and shapes day. Other days we watched balloons fly with neighbors in back of our rigs.

When not going to the launch field there is a lot to see in Albuquerque. Old Albuquerque, Sandia Peak, Petroglyphs National Monument, etc.

The Balloon Fiesta launch field is a massive fair type environment, and the enthusiasm is high. The food isn’t healthy – it’s fair food. I will say you can get coffee and a great breakfast egg wrap sandwich. The lines move swiftly. We discovered we liked the very – bad – for – you corn dog! It’s quick and easy and filling. Also there Are wood carving competitions, and locally made craft vendors as well as your basic souvenir shops with t-shirts and basic gifts.

When we return, we may take a ride up in one. That can be arranged through Rainbow Riders I believe. I have a year and a half to muster up the guts 🤣.