Closet Modification – 2019 Classic 33’.

Easy, easy and necessary modification. We have hanging closets in the bedroom that Airstream provided adjustable shelves to use. This hanging wardrobe is in the bathroom. This closet was a challenge because it is more shallow than what we had on our 30’ Classic. Regular hangers will not fit. Also, the doors slide instead of opening outward, which also cuts into the depth. We needed more drawer space and with everything hanging we could not see what we had stored on the floor in there. We had to weed through the clothes! Also, if we hit some bumps in our travels- and we do- we would get set up and I’d find that the clothes hangers jumped the racks. Very annoying!

I wanted this to be simple and removable if necessary. I noticed others using the Elfa system from the Container Store. I preferred to us a “Start a Stack” so that the frame is basically made, just attach the cross members. With a quick measurement I found the average draw set would not work. Luckily they had a pantry set with ventilated mesh drawers and a melamine shelf top. Perfect. For those 33 owners looking for a solution we used the Pantry Start a stack with the narrow mesh drawers in platinum.

We chose not to anchor them. We have enough in there that they will be braced. It’s a solid quality frame and with the weight of what you put into them they don’t move. The floor of the closet is like a carpet as well…no sliding. We left room on the sides where we can store a mop pole, vacuum cleaner pole, awning pull. I have hooks for belts also on the sides. Inside the door the sides bump out a little and I wanted to make sure I utilized that.

For the amount of hanging stuff you use while camping…it is minimal. The bedroom closets were perfect for that. If I needed to hang something long (the bedroom closets are shirt length) there is still room to hang next to the drawers.

Considering these are “pantry size” they are perfect for this closet and they hold quite a bit of stuff. You can customize the size drawers you have as well with Elfa. I tuck shoes under my side of the drawers so I took the small one out of the top.

No regrets! This is awesome!