Zion National Park

We visited Zion National Park in February – March of 2019. As you can see from the pictures surfaces were still covered in ice or snow.

The great part about this time of the year is we made it just before they close the park to traffic – meaning we could still drive through with our vehicle. I want to say as early as March 15 you have to use their shuttle service to move through the park.

The weather this time of year is perfect for hiking, as I’m told it gets early hot in the summer. This park is in Southwest Utah, it’s southernmost National Park and has the reputation of being the most crowded of the parks in Utah. The less than great part about this time of year is many trails are closed due to icing. Bring your spikes for your shoes definitely. Also we encountered road closures due to rock slides. We could not access the tunnel road for this reason.

As we hiked the trail to the Narrows, we could hear a thunderous noise and that was ice slipping off of these massive stone faces. The trail we were on was closed with warning signs about this. So many people were on the trail even so. For those who wore the waterproof clothes and shoes to get into the Narrows in freezing water temperatures some reported how scary and how much louder this noise was. I’m sure the Narrows hike is super crowded in the hot temperatures. They say the water remains chilly, but with it being so hot people don’t notice.

This trail above is the only one within Zion (near visitor’s center) where you can walk your dog. The campground is here as well. What a nice campground surrounded by unbelievable scenery. Amazing!


We drove through the Kolob Canyons section of the park where there were a lot of rock slides. In fact, the next day the road was closed! We are lucky to have seen this beautiful place!

The tunnel road was closed due to rock slides so we never drove through that area.

There are 4 more national parks and a large amount of state parks in Utah that we have to get back to during a warmer season.

This is the beauty of traveling this way, you can always return. You can’t do everything in one visit – but you can do more than if you flew out for the week…or less! The choice is up to you!