And Then There Were Two…

1975 Airstream International Sovereign 31’

This one is a beautiful vintage 46 year old Airstream in fantastic condition! This acquisition comes with friendships for life. The couple that sold this to me are the nicest people we’ve met in the road so far…and we’ve met seriously nice people! How lucky am I?

We met in Florida (November 2020) which was a bad year (virus) – but it had a silver lining literally!

We were staying at Ortona South Campground for about nine nights and our paths crossed with this lovely down to earth super friendly couple! Funny as hell and we hit it off immediately. They had been walking around introducing themselves to fellow Airstreamers. We became fast friends!

They had mentioned they wanted a newer rig like our 2019 Classic. They mentioned a friend of theirs was going to sell it to them eventually. They mentioned they were selling this beauty and long story short I let them know I was interested!

I am blessed. Most importantly we made new friends and when you have that history and you know who has been traveling in your new to you rig it’s a win-win!

A well taken care of shiny beauty!

The owners had taken great care of this rig and were still actively traveling in it. So many vintage Airstreams end up in storage and you never know what you will get inside. With storage their could be unknown leaks, critters, etc. you get the picture. Also we know this is “road worthy” where storage units that have been sitting for years or maybe decades need a ton of work potentially.

Clean as a whistle!

The inside picture shows you it was meticulously cared for! Long ago the owners replaced original flooring which my guess was carpet. They added a dresser and the TV. They also replaced the couch with two recliners. Many people do the same modification in newer coaches as the couches tend to be uncomfortable.

This is the original layout

I absolutely LOVE the awnings.

What you can’t see here is on the license plate the number ended in “KT”. That was a sure sign! I grayed out their plate number and Wally Byam number to protect their privacy.

For now, we will park her in Florida at an RV park with hookups and a shed. We will return in between travels and work assignments. My thought at this point is to keep the vintage interior with minor updates. This trailer is about half the weight of our 2019. It wasn’t meant for heavy furniture and cabinets so I am going to keep it light. I may remove the overhead lockers. So many ideas on Pinterest and Instagram! It should be pretty nice!