Yes…I Went There!

Expert beggars, they became uneasy about this snack.

As social media blew up with the Bernie Sanders inauguration picture I found I was envious but had no clue how to place Bernie in my pictures.

I am not – never have been much of a “post processor” of any images I capture with my camera. I have a goal to learn to effectively “develop” photos with a program like Affinity or Capture One. When the Bernie thing happened I had to act fast!

A friend told me about this app – Photoleap. She mentioned it was easy so I downloaded it and in no time had Bernie in various pictures!

Tedy always is cautious of the thorny “sticker” but this hazard promised to be far more painful.
New toy!
Chillin’ out in Eufaula

As you can see I got carried away. I had to put the tablet down. The first picture I consider my masterpiece 🤣. May as well quit while I am ahead!