Betty’s Blues and Brilliant Hugh’s.

She’s waiting for me.

As we break from Tennessee for a couple of weeks the main reason is to relax and also to get my hands on Blue Betty to make sure all is good.

It was a little crazy trying to get her moved around. She sat on a storage lot for a month and a half until we could move her to this spot. We paid someone to move it to this campground where she will reside most of the time. Since Florida is a hot and humid place right now I am eager to see what we need to set her up for the summer. We have full hookups, so if we need to have a dehumidifier running and draining we can do that.

The name. Betty Blue sticks. The people who sold this to me are named Elizabeth and Hugh. I kept batting the name around “Brilliant Hugh’s” because I wanted the name to reflect her history but I also want to include Elizabeth! So like a formal name you’d give to a registered pet I decided on the full name “Betty’s Blues and Brilliant Hugh’s”. I love it. Betty Blue or Betty for short! Hugh won’t mind you see because I called him brilliant 🤣.

Beautiful blue striped awnings.

We have to assess where we will use this 1975 Airstream Sovereign. I think we will keep her in the south. We were actually approached by a vintage streamer and we may go to some fun rallies. I’m going to try to keep her as original as possible. I need to keep it light. These trailers were not meant to be as heavy as our 2019. I’m thinking some accent wallpaper, a possible bath redo. Maybe bring up the luster on the original woodwork and painting is an option. The floor has been redone, disc brakes have been installed. We will inspect and have the axles inspected or replaced. We definitely want to keep her in motion. We may switch out and use this one while in Florida or south. It won’t sit.

This is Hugh! Such a fun, funny guy. Sitting in front of Blue Betty.

Some inspirational pictures in case I need to brighten it up. I’m thinking of keeping it coastal since it will remain in the south.

UPDATE: We took her to Vintage Metal Trailers in October 2021 to have a “wellness check”. ‘70’s models are notorious for leaks at the back bumper so we had flashing installed there. All clean now and the flashing will divert water away without having to caulk the area. We were impressed with the work and will head back there some time in January to drop her off for some roof paint and seals, then we are good to renovate!

No more caulking, no more leaking!

Stay tuned! This Airstream promises to be a beauty!